SteerCX – The Intro

My name is Nelson Oribhabor and this space is devoted to adding value to the car buying/selling/ownership experience. I worked at one of the top luxury dealerships in the country for nearly six years before pivoting into the digital media world this summer.

My time in the automotive dealership was also spent studying and earning my MBA at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. I was able to use my MBA to study specific behaviors from customers and salespeople, but also understand trends in the automotive space.

My goal with this experience page is to create content for dealerships and shoppers and to be transparent as possible when dealing with specific situations during the customer journey. I am not trying to steer dealerships away from their successful business models. I am merely trying to bridge an apparent gap between the sales experience for customers and dealerships. The subsequent posts will be recommendations from scenarios that I’m sure we have all faced.

Each week I will continue to add content to the page dealing with in-store, digital, and service situations. My content will also include creatives for dealerships who are looking to increase online awareness of the inventory, target specific audiences, and more.


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