Timing is Everything

As I was preparing for my next topic to cover, I found an interesting article from CNBC written by Zameena Mejia that discussed daily productivity. The article summarized daily strategies from the great author Malcolm Gladwell, who wrote the award-winning novel Outliers, as well as the strategies of Management & Behavioral scientist Daniel Pink.

The article led me to discuss daily experience timing.

When was the last time you went car shopping? Was it during the morning, afternoon, or evening? If you haven’t noticed yet, your timing at a dealership (or any sales experience location) can have a tremendous effect on your customer journey and alter the vibe you get from the salesperson during the process.

Being a morning person or a night owl, there are strategies you should take before you buy that next car. The following points focus on what I feel would be the most ideal situations during your purchase experience.

Negotiate in the morning

If you’re a morning person, negotiating a deal may be better suited following your first cup(s) of coffee. What salesperson wouldn’t want to start their day off with a sale? Their motivation could reward your morning hustle with your next purchase. Also, if you start negotiations in the morning, this gives you an entire day to mull an offer if you can’t come to terms in the AM.

Test drive after lunch

If you’re looking to schedule a test drive – you should test drive after lunch. Energy levels tend to drift off after 11 AM, but a test drive can add more thrill to the day and your customer experience. According to V12 Data, the test drive is the most pleasurable part of the sales process with an 81% satisfaction rating.

Day Walk

I’d recommend that you conduct a vehicle walk around immediately after the test drive. You can see if there are any blemishes that appear inside or outside the vehicle. If you wait until it’s too dark, you won’t be a happy camper when its bright outside and your vehicle has a scratch you could have alerted the salesperson to address.

Night Class

When you finally take delivery of your new car, you’ve got to learn how to use your new functions. The amount of technology in vehicles continues to improve, but also become more difficult to understand. If you plan to have a product concierge train you on new options – it’s best to pick up insights during the late afternoon/early evening. I would also take time once you get home to operate options. Set up time at night to discover how your car works – set up the garage, set night light settings, and more.

Research after dark

For you late night owls, researching at night could be essential for your purchase experience. The inventory is at its most abundant during this time – dealership closed/closing, less people shopping at night plus you can discuss with family and friends about your decision. As an internet salesperson, I enjoyed answering leads that were generated overnight as I could also contact them in the morning to follow up, which circles back to negotiating in the morning.

The next time you interact with a sales rep, keep these ideas in mind. If you find multiple vehicles of interest, try testing multiple time periods for each experience! Come back to these strategies and I’d love to hear how accurate this post is.


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